Agricultural Lecture Series - Feb. 24

Nelson Agricultural Commission 2018 Lecture Series

February 24 - Behind the scenes at Mayfair Farm with Craig Thompson
Craig will share how they found Harrisville, their trials and successes and daily life on a farm. If you’ve ever enjoyed Mayfair’s dinners, shopped at the farm store or picked berries and been curious about their operation, then this discussion is for you.

March 31 - Protect your garden and livestock, fencing options with Tiger Batchelder Electric fencing has saved many a garden from woodchucks and deer, chickens and sheep can roam protected. Learn about moveable and fixed options.

April 28 - Pruning Apple Trees with Ted Lenk
This will be a hands-on demonstration pruning apple trees at the Nelson Library.

May 19 - Soil Workshop – Instructors TBA
Curious about no-till gardening, making soil with hugelkultur, discover how to determine the make-up of your soil. Bring your questions, a jar and a scoop of your soil to this hands-on workshop. Rain or shine.

All lectures are free and open to the public.
They take place at 11am in the Olivia Rodham Public Library, 1 Nelson Common Rd, Nelson, NH.