Answers to Your Property Tax Questions

Questions about your property tax assessment?
How to get the answers.
How to file for an abatement.

Stop by the Selectmen’s Office and ask to see a copy of your property record card. Check the description of your property. Is it correct? Are the measurements correct? You can ask for a copy of the card and take it home to double check the information.

Compare your home’s value with others in your neighborhood. When comparing, make sure the other homes are of a similar size, age, location and have similar amenities. If you find discrepancies that you feel might lower your property taxes, you may file for an abatement.

If you think the assessed value of your property exceeds fair market value or an error in data has been made, then you have the right to apply for an abatement. Tax abatement forms are available at the selectmen’s office following the issuance of the final tax bills. Taxpayers can apply for an abatement up until March 1, 2017. When an abatement is filed, it must be accompanied by hard evidence – other house valuations, measurements, photographs and the like. The town administrative assistant and tax collector are there to help you, Tuesday through Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm and the tax collector is also open from 6 pm to 8 pm on Thursdays.

You may also call the Selectmen’s/Town Clerk Offices at 847-3316.
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