Minutes of April 13, 2010

Present: Elise Kuder, Christa Patterson, Randy Smith, Roger Sweet, Hilliare Wilder, Eric White, Chip Woodbury and Becky Cummings.

The minutes of the March meeting were accepted as read.

Two intents to cut were recently filed:  1. Renewal of the Hubbard Rd. cut and 2. Dennis&Sandra O’Brien on Route 9.

Eric met briefly with the selectmen concerning the forest management plan for the town farm.  He will also meet with Barbara Atwood, trustee of trust funds soon. 

NRI – The sample covers are not yet complete.  Hopefully they will be ready by the next meeting.  Eric is getting the final photos together for it as well.

Roger has checked some of the vernal pools in town and found there are not many wood frogs this year. 

The committee discussed the proposed checklists for animal & bird sightings in town.  Eric will write an introductory article for the newsletter.

Perambulation of the Nelson/Sullivan town line has been tentatively set for Sunday, May 16.  Contact person for Nelson is Margaret Schillematt. 

Roger gave a report from the Energy Committee.  They are about $6,000 short for insulation at the town barn and are wondering how best to get this…fund-raising, taxes, donation requests or what?   Any suggestions will be appreciated.  When the applications for the grant money were submitted, instructions were to include the insulation for all projects on one application.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t separated out when the grant was given for the town barn. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings