Minutes of April 14, 2009

Present:  Christa Patterson, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings

Minutes of the March meeting were accepted as read.

Beaver Tracks is resubmitting the town culvert permit applications at their cost.

A suggestion was made to have our town hikes put in the Keene Sentinel.  Everyone was in agreement it would be a good idea and Anika Clark (Sullivan’s Sentinel reporter) will be advised of them as they are planned.

Commission members are encouraged to walk the Hubbard Road (Lakeville Shores) cut.  April 26th has been tentatively set as the date.  Phase II for their intent to cut was recently submitted to the town.

Deb Monnat-White will help prepare the NRI maps for printing.  Copies will be made for the selectmen (1), planning board (1), library (2) (including the archive room) and conservation commission (1).  A discussion was held about the number of copies to print and have available to the public and cost.   

Roger asked for suggestions how the commission and Sullivan’s Fire Dept. might work together on improvements to the Town Forest.  What suggestions do they have for the roads, woodlands, gates, etc.  Eric will email Al about this.

Eric will also email Scott Lake and Jeff Brooks (Trustees of Trust Funds) to get their input on the up-coming forest management plan.

Eric will talk with Randy Smith about plans for Jewett Park clean up after the ice storm this past winter.  FEMA has funds available for town lands that were damaged and Randy has been in contact with them. 

Eric asked commission members to think about what they might like to have in the Conservation section of the town web page.  Suggestions include: our mission statement, printable trail maps, DES permit applications, a glossary of conservation terms, monthly minutes, calendar pages, “backyard” Sullivan notes and links to important conservation sites.

Coming events:  Sullivan Energy Commission meeting (town hall) – April 15, 7:15 pm; Farm Bill meeting (Walpole Town offices), April 27; Sullivan town road clean up – May 2.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings