Minutes of April 21, 2015

Sullivan Town Hall
April 21, 2015

Present:  Lindsay Hamrick, Roger Sweet, Eric White and Becky Cummings.

The minutes of the March meeting were accepted as read.

The commission had been advised that Laura Fletcher from Arlen Drive would probably be in but she never came.  Becky explained her situation – their house on Arlen Drive backs up to a small stream and after the flooding 3 years ago, the stream has widened considerably taking a good portion of their back yard.  She could not obtain help after the floods and the problem seems to be worsening.  What can she do?  The problem was discussed and members thought the best thing for her to do would be to write a letter, accompanied by pictures to the DES.  She should explain her situation, not knowing where to turn and not having a lot of money to spend on it.  Could the State help and/or are there grants that might be available for such a thing?  

Jim&Ginni McByrne were voted in as alternates on the commission.

Volunteer service agreements and release of town liability were distributed.  The members present signed them in anticipation of clean-up day on May 2.  Wendy and Lindsay agreed to help Roger with the forms and road assignments that morning.

Eric read Intents to Cut from Randy Smith (Ferry Brook Rd.) and Lakeville Shores, LLC (Bowlder Rd.).  

The recent roadside cut of trees made on the Ed Csenge property was briefly discussed.  The State Forester, Matt Apgar met with Csenge who said the DOT asked him to cut the trees along the road.  The cut goes back about 50’.  A cut in violation would go back further than that.  

Mention was made of the cell tower hearing in Stoddard on May 5.

The future of Jewett Park was discussed.  People are not using it.  The park was constructed at a time when the town was much different – there were more community events; our school made visits to the park as did the after-school program and the conservation commission kept it up for a time.  After much discussion members thought it might be best to include it in part of a trail loop, yet to be marked out, that goes behind the town barn, town hall and fire station.  Suggestions of pamphlets in weatherproof box be made available showing some of the wildflowers, etc. that can be found within the park.  Becky will try to find the history of the park, mainly the restrictions put on it when the Federal grant was accepted.  The structures will be left in place for now unless they are unsafe.

A date will be set at the May meeting for a clean-up on Winch Hill.  

Roger said the Energy Committee has received the results of the energy audit on the town hall.  Many of the energy saving suggestions are not big cost items and include:  weather seals installed by a professional around doors and windows, more attic insulation, a change-over in fluorescent lighting with new ballasts, programmable thermostats and regular maintenance around the building including the furnace.   

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings