Minutes of April 9, 2013

Present:  Roger Sweet, Eric White, Chip Woodbury&Becky Cummings.

There were no meetings in February or March.

Minutes of the January meeting were accepted as read.

Eric reminded everyone that perambulations between towns take place every seven years and the town lines between Sullivan and Gilsum and Sullivan and Stoddard are due to be done soon.  Eric will speak to the selectmen about it.      

Each year the Sullivan Conservation Commission contributes $500 to the local elementary school for Harris Center education.   Nelson has a program in place and members wondered how they might like to make use of our additional money…perhaps include another grade or increase Harris Center time in the school.  Becky will contact Sheila Vara, principal of Nelson School to get her input.

A hike for the Cheshire Walkers, led by Roger & Ann Sweet along with the Harris Center will take place on Winch Hill on April 17th.  Everyone is welcome.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings