Minutes of December 12, 2018

Sullivan Town Hall
December 12, 2018

Present:  Wendy Pelletier, Roger Sweet, Eric White and Becky Cummings.

The November minutes were accepted as read.

Eric will present the 2019 budget to the budget committee tomorrow.  He does not foresee any problems and asked Wendy if she would like to attend with him as she will be commission chairman beginning January 2019.  He also explained the hazardous waste payments are for 6 months of this year and 6 months of next year, which has caused some confusion in the past.

Mention was made of the beaver deceiver the DOT recently installed in Londonderry.  It was custom-made to fit the particular situation.  

The Connecticut River Chronicle, a publication of the Ct. River Conservancy, is encouraging everyone to give up plastic bags in favor of reusable bags.  

Eric mentioned the webinar the NHACC will present next Wednesday – The Conservation Fund – Best Practices.  See website for more information.

After discussing use and regulations of the Town Farm for some time and doing some research Eric believes the basic duties of town departments are:  Conservation – to protect the character, advisory only; Trustees of Trust Funds – fiscally responsible, advisory concerning use and Selectmen – the overseers/enforcers of regulations.

The commission welcomed Wendy as their new chairman beginning in January 2019 and thanked Eric for his years as chairman.  He then gave the key to the town hall to her.  He will also get the past minutes, etc. 

Meeting adjourned 7:44 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings, Clerk