Minutes of December 15, 2015

Present:  Ginni McByrne, Jim McByrne, Wendy Pelletier, Roger Sweet, Eric White and Becky Cummings.  Leslie Casey from the Sullivan Planning Board.

The minutes of the November meeting were accepted as read.

Eric introduced Leslie Casey to all present.  She explained the Planning Board recently completed the updated Master Plan for the town and there is a lack of recreational facilities in the town.  What could be done – specifically with Jewett Park?  

Roger said there is a very small trust fund for park up-keep but only the principal can be used.  He also went on to say plans are being discussed to have a trail from the park over the Parker land to the Town Forest (Winch Hill).  Mary Parker has given verbal agreement for such a trail.  Several hikes have been sponsored by the Conservation Commission in past years but very few people come unless it is co-sponsored by the Harris Center or a similar group and then most of the hikers are from out of town. Several people described the park as it had been originally created with a wildflower walk, picnic tables&grills with canopies, a volleyball court, horseshoe court and well-trimmed walkways.  When the after-school daycare and Sullivan School were in town the park was used some but since those are no longer in town no one is using the park and it has fallen into disrepair.  Annual maintenance has been a problem getting people who are interested or with time to devote to the up-keep.

Eric went on to explain his thoughts of getting a trails committee together to keep local trails (Otter Brook Preserve, the Piper Lot and Winch Hill) open with a kiosk of maps at the park.  Discussion followed – hard copies of maps are phasing out with electronic devices being able to bring up most anything.  It was then decided to post the Sullivan trail maps on the town website in addition to having hard copies at the town hall.  Everyone was in agreement the first step that should be taken is to clean the site up.  Leslie wondered if a capital improvement program might help with funds to keep it in order.  Others wondered if people will use it at all.   

Eric received a letter from Kate Fuller, Sullivan’s Administrative Assistant, concerning town perambulations.  Stoddard (’98), Keene (’04) and Gilsum (’98) need to be done.  Jim Coffey from Stoddard sent a letter to Eric concerning that line and Eric will reply.  Discussion followed on the use of GPS in perambulations, accepted locations vs. actual locations.  The town lines are not always straight.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.   

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings