Minutes of February 11, 2014

Present:  Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder, Chip Woodbury and Becky Cummings.

The minutes of the January meeting were accepted as read.

It was decided to hold town clean-up day on April 26th.   

Hilliare made a trip to the Concord legislature to speak in favor of HB 1287 requiring a refundable deposit on beverage containers.  After some discussion the Legislature voted 18-0 that it is inexpedient to legislate and instead they will focus on a comprehensive recycling bill.  Rhode Island and New Hampshire are the only two New England states that don’t “buy back” used cans and bottles.   

He then wondered if Conservation Commissions in NH might get together to back such a proposal in the future.  It was suggested he call the head of the commissions to see how to get something going.

Roberta “Bert” Wingerson of Nelson contacted Eric to see if the commission would be willing to sponsor Sullivan students to a conservation camp.  Gilsum also wondered if we could sponsor a student.   This year’s conservation budget has already been submitted and there is no room for them.  Discussion followed that the commission had sponsored students in the past and then the students lost interest and no one applied.  It was then that the commission decided to provide for Harris Center education for all students.  It was agreed to continue in this manner.

Eric will go over town perambulations and when they should be done.  Gilsum and Stoddard will be next and both are difficult.  He suggested marking point to point coordinates with a GPS on a topographic map and that hiking to certain points only might make it somewhat easier.

Hilliare wondered if Karen is using his aerial photo of Ellis Reservoir for the cover of the town report this year.  It was explained that Karen hasn’t been in the office much due to family illness and Marie had done the cover using his drawing again.  It’s probably too late now to change and most likely no one knows where the photo is.  He thought it was time to give his drawing a rest.  If the photo was used, he wanted the Conservation Commission to write a description of it.   

Roger said Nelson has an active trails committee and they would like to connect Old Town Rd. in Nelson to the Nature Conservancy land (Ellis Reservoir) in Sullivan.  He advised them to contact Christa Humboldt of the Nature Conservancy for permission and guidance.

The next Conservation meeting will be held on March 18th due to Town Elections.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings