Minutes of February 20, 2018

Sullivan Town Hall
Feb. 20, 2018

Present:  Wendy Pelletier, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Chip Woodbury.

The minutes of the December meeting were approved as read.  Two people attended the January meeting, but not being a quorum, it was called off.  

Eric was notified the money from the land use change tax at the cell tower location should be coming in soon.  Half of that will go into the conservation land use change fund.  

Eric has not been notified nor has he seen that the problems noted by DES in Dec. on the cell tower property have been corrected.  Commission members agreed it would be good to have Eric send a note to the Planning Board stating the tower should not be allowed into operation until all the deficiencies are corrected.    

Three intents to cut were received some time ago by the town; the commission was just recently notified.
David Swett – Gilsum Rd.
Constance Jackson – Gilsum Rd.
Al&Laura Merrifield – Centre St.

Eric has received written permission for the trails group to create/maintain trails on property owned by Roger & Ann Sweet and Mary Parker.  He has yet to get written permission from Dick Smith, whose property extends from the back of Chapman Pond to Bowlder Rd.  Eric said he thinks a solution to avoiding Haberman’s property in the trail loop from the Town Forest would be to go behind the fire station, behind the town hall and church to the town barn area and then over to Jewett Park, where it’s hoped a trail kiosk will be installed.  Eric suggested a dedication of the kiosk to Randy Smith might be a nice idea.  

Eric has spoken with the selectmen and trustees of trust funds concerning the Town Forest.   The conservation commission will continue to oversee the management of the Town Forest and keep the selectmen and Trustees of Trust Funds informed.  They agreed to close and lock the gate behind the fire station.  

Jim Casey, Trustee of Trust Funds, asked Eric if he and the commission would look over and make suggestions on the land use regulations for the Town Forest.  Jim wants to be sure no groups are alienated with specific regulations though.  Parking behind the fire station is fine.   A tree stand has been put up on the property and no permission was granted to the owner of it.  It is legal but as a courtesy, it would have been good if the owner had asked.  The stand was not attached to the tree but the “seat belts” are.  After discussion, those in attendance felt the town forest, used by many for hiking and walking, is not a place for a tree stand and that it should be taken down by April 1. It was also agreed it is not a place for trapping, for the same reason.     

Extensive discussion followed on the regulations for the Town Forest and it was decided that Eric should send the list he has to conservation members who will look it over before the next meeting and make suggestions.

Town clean-up day will be on May 5th.    

Meeting adjourned at 8:29 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings