Minutes of January 12, 2010

Present:  Elise Kuder, Christa Patterson, Randy Smith, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings

The minutes of the November meeting were accepted as read.  No meetings were held in December or January.

The budget for this year was discussed briefly and it will once again be level-funded. 

The commission took in $3540 this year from the change of use tax.  Total in the account is now $46,595.18.

Seven intents to cut were filed during the past few months.  They are: Richard Hotchkiss (Cross Rd.), Mark Smith (Boynton Rd.), Ammiel Alcalay (Centre St.), Dale Paquette (Price Rd.), Robert Bourassa (Centre St.), Paul Crosby for Andorra Forest (end Bowlder Rd.) and Eli Cinq-Mars&Toni Ellsworth (Apple Hill Rd.).

Eric has not heard back from Scott Lake (Trustee of Trust Funds) concerning the Town Forest plan.

Thanks was received from Barbara Scully for the commission’s support of the Ashuelot River Advisory Committee.  The commission unanimously agreed to support their efforts again this year with the requested $90.  The Ashuelot Committee is always looking for volunteers to help test the waters of the river and will hold a training program this spring.  If anyone is interested, let Eric or Roger know. 

Eric has completed the final draft of the invasive species section of the NRI.  The final will be proof-read by several people and then will be ready for printing.

Eric suggested the commission also add a section about the “bad bugs” that are threatening our forests.  All agreed this is important and he will put something together.  A workshop was recently held on the bugs which include the emerald ash borer, the wooley adelgid, the Asian longhorn beetle and more. 

Perambulation of the town line between Roxbury and Sullivan is now on GPS.  Nelson/Sullivan will be walked in the coming months.

The Energy Committee received grant money to do an energy audit on a town building.  The library was chosen and the final report on the audit was received.  It was found the duct work is not insulated, attic insulation has huge gaps and the walls and cement floor are inadequately insulated as are the storm windows. 

The question was asked if the commission would fund an energy audit from the change of use tax for the fire station.  The library audit cost $1,000.  After some discussion the commission unanimously agreed to fund audits for the remaining three town buildings even though anticipated grant money will cover only one building up-grade.  When the audits are complete, the town will then have a good idea what is needed in each one to conserve energy and cut down on operating costs.   

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings