Minutes of July 10, 2012

Present: Eric White, Hilliare Wilder, Chip Woodbury and Becky Cummings.

There was no meeting in June.  May minutes were approved as read.
$20 was sent to the after-school program towards worms for their composting program.  A thank you was received from Sullivan School for the Harris Center Program.

One of the elm trees we received from Litter Free NH for our roadside clean-up efforts has died.  Eric contacted Elm Research in Keene about it.  Roger will bring them samples from the dead tree to examine.  The new trees all came with a warranty.

Eric and the selectmen signed the contract to have Swift Corwin begin the cutting on the Town Farm  The road up the hill has severely eroded and culverts have washed out.  These will be replaced with the profits from the logging.  DES has already approved a culvert replacement for this area.  FEMA won’t cover any flooding damage on the Town Farm.  It is hope Steve Roberge and Swift will be able to conduct a tour of the timber harvest area while it actively going on. 

The replacement bridge plan for Ferry Brook Road (washed out in the May 29 flooding) must be approved by DES.  Town approval will expediate the permit.  Randy will contact Roger when he gets the specs.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings