Minutes of June 9, 2009

Present:  Elise Kuder, Christa Patterson, Chris Pratt, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the May meeting were accepted as read.

A new Intent to Cut was filed for the Hubbard Road property.  After extensive cutting last year there is still more planned.  They will be crossing 7 streams (1 perennial, several intermittent and a culvert).  These were shown on the map submitted with the intent.

The balloon test for the cell tower to be located on Houghton Ledge in Roxbury was done as scheduled on May 16th.   Eric saw it from Hubbard Road but Becky saw no signs of it anywhere on South Rd.  Could it possibly have been lower than 130’?  Questions were raised if something like this might be addressed in Sullivan’s Master Plan.

The commission’s contribution to the Ashuelot River Advisory Fund was brought up.  Christa moved we give the $90 asked for this year.  All were in favor. 

Eric would like to have pictures (by season) of Sullivan’s invasive species in the NRI.  More on this at a later meeting.

Christa gave a report from the recent Town Energy Committee meeting.  NH Public is donating Kill-A-Watts to local libraries.  It was suggested that the town hall might be a good place for residents to recycle household batteries and fluorescent bulbs.  Christa will talk to the selectmen and town clerk to get their input.

Roger gave a presentation on ticks in NH. 

Hilliare will do some research on the bottle bill issue. 

There will be no conservation meeting in July.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm.

Respectfully Submittted,
Becky Cummings