Minutes of March 17, 2009

Present:  Michelle Degree, Elise Kuder, Christa Patterson, Chris Pratt, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the February meeting were accepted as read.

    Eric purchased a Kill-A-Watt monitor for the library.  He got one that was a grade above the $30 model for $40. 
    The group discussed coal burning vs. wood burning.  Coal (a fossil fuel) increases carbon in the atmosphere whereas wood does not, although it isn’t pollution free.
    Beaver Tracks (the company that submitted Sullivan’s culvert permits to the State) wrote a letter to DES because some of our permits were declined.  As written in previous minutes the DES misunderstood the applications(s) and thought the 5 permits applied for were just 1.  Beaver Tracks was not specific enough and errors were made on both sides.
    Therese Hotchkiss filed an Intent to Cut and the large cut on Hubbard Road has been renewed.
    It was suggested Swift Corwin do the forest management plan for the Town Forest.  Eric spoke with Scott Lake (Trustee of Trust Funds) concerning the work that will take place on the 100 or so acres.  Corwin works with Amber French and Roger suggested that interested parties might like to walk with them when they cruise the property…it would be a good learning experience.  The Old Stoddard Road going up to the Town Farm is in need of much work because of erosion.  It should be recrowned and water bars built.  Blow down in the Forest doesn’t warrant a work day.
    The commission will ask for Randy’s recommendations to clean up the ice storm devastation in Jewett Park.  Some of the dangling limbs are a hazard and will be dangerous to remove.  After the danger is eliminated people in need of firewood in town will be contacted to see if they could use the wood.  More discussion will take place next month after speaking with Randy.
    Digit Taylor will customize the “Dollars&Sense” talk for Sullivan for $150.  Amanda Stone from Co-op Extension will give a similar talk (specific to NH in general) for $100.  SWRP has assistance for this program if we invite other towns. 
    A conservation training program will take place on alternating Thursdays in April and May at the Harris Center.  It will be sponsored by the Monadnock Community Conservation Partnership.  Christa, Eric and Elise would like to attend. 
    A discussion followed concerning Open Space (conservation land) and Current Use.  There are many misconceptions as to what each is.  Conservation land (protected property) is generally under current use but property in current use is not always conservation land.  Properties that are posted against hunting, recreation use, etc. do not necessarily fall under either one.  It is the choice of the landowner if he/she wants to post their property.   More discussion was held concerning a future meeting inviting townspeople and abutting towns to discuss this in detail and hopefully enlighten people as to what is what. 
    The NRI maps from SWRP cost $350.  They will be included in the NRI booklet which should be printed soon.
    The selectmen will officially appoint the Energy Commission at their March 30th meeting. 
Coming events:  Roger will lead a hike in Roxbury on June 27th.  There will be a seminar concerning the Asian Longhorn Beetle at the Keene Public Library on April 14th. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings