Minutes of May 10, 2011

Present:  Roger Sweet, Hilliare Wilder, Eric White and Becky Cummings.

The minutes of the April meeting were accepted as read.

The Commission received a thank you note for the commission’s donation from the Ashuelot River Advisory Board and also a request for volunteers to help with water testing.   Due to State budget cuts funding for the water tests may become a thing of the past.

Eric contacted Barbara Atwood&Butch Brooks (Trustees of Trust Funds) to see when they could meet to go over the Town Farm Forest Management Plan.  It is hoped they can get together before the next selectmen’s meeting and then meet with the selectmen about it.  All three committees need to agree and accept it.

Reminders:  Habitat Workshop on June 4 beginning at the town hall at 9 am and ending at Eric White’s on Concord Rd.   Hike to Taylor Pond on June 5 – meet at 9:30 am at the Nature Conservancy parking area on Bowlder Rd. 

Eric asked for suggestions for summer programs for the NES Access Program in Gilsum.  He suggested they might help lay out and flag the perimeter trail of the Town Farm and Roger suggested they could hike to the top of Boynton Mountain and put in a new registration box. 

Jody McDermott, selectmen’s assistant told Eric the selectmen would like the Commission to investigate the possibility of a partial recycling center in town.  A discussion followed. 
1. Where could it be located?  2. Who would monitor it?  3. What would be the cost for dumpsters and pick up?   4. An odor could be a problem if people didn’t clean their recyclables, attracting animals and yellow jackets.  5. How much waste would it take to make it worthwhile?  6. Such a facility would have to be housed, gated and staffed during operating hours.   Eric will talk with the selectmen directly to see what they have in mind and the subject will be brought up again at a future meeting.  Hilliare had notices of near-by people who are soliciting recyclables.  Del Ouellette in Sullivan has a drop off location for scrap metal and cans and someone from Nelson will pick recyclables up.  It is not known if the Nelson person charges or not.

Roger gave a report from the Energy Committee.  The committee gave a copy of the Request for Bids to selectman Rick Hotchkiss to review.  After that it will be sent on to Concord for approval.  The Energy Committee is in the process of looking over energy expenses for all four town buildings. 

Roger reported the results from town clean-up day.  In all there were 940 pounds of trash picked up, 3 TV’s and 28 tires.  Matt&Sarah Burke separated much of the trash and pulled out 165 pounds of recyclables.  Perhaps at the next clean-up we will have a group that will separate the recyclables as the trash is bought in.   $55 was spent on food and paper goods for this year’s lunch. 

Roger reported on the recent ZBA meeting.  Bruce Antis of Deering owns a parcel of land at the top of Winch Hill and has requested a building permit.  The parcel is landlocked and does not have any frontage on a Class V Road.  There is also no right-of-way written into the deed.  After some discussion, Eric suggested members present draft a statement to deny approval at the next ZBA meeting.   The draft will be emailed to all Conservation Commission and Planning Board members for their approval or disapproval before the meeting.  “Being that there is no frontage on a Class V Road, the Conservation Commission and Planning Board believe this variance should be denied.  Approval could set a precedent for other back lots.”  Roger Sweet abstained on the decision to present the statement as he is a member of the ZBA. 

Eric presented the State approval for PSNH to do maintenance work on the power lines over Otter Brook on Valley Road. 

No meeting will be held in July.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings