Minutes of May 12, 2009

Present:  Jeff Brooks, Christa Patterson, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Chip Woodbury and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the April meeting were accepted as read.

The recent road clean-up brought in 1,100 pounds of trash.  About 50 people helped and close to 40 attended the lunch that followed.
    Fourteen people went on the historic walk in East Sullivan to learn about the former mill village and then went on to Old Concord Road to hear about the woodworking mills and large farms that had been there.
    The culvert applications recently resubmitted by Beaver Tracks had at least one that was missing pertinent information.  Everything has to be complete by June 29th or the permitting will be delayed until next year.
    The Fire Dept. received their permit for a replacement dry hydrant on Otter Brook near Route 9.
    Eric has not had time to contact the Trustees of Trust Funds, selectmen or Al Henry as mentioned in the April minutes. 
    Roger spoke about the Ashuelot River Advisory Committee and their water quality testing program.  Volunteers test the water quality 5 times a year at 10 sites from Washington, NH to Hinsdale, NH.  The same sites are checked annually but this year they have added more near the water treatment plant in Swanzey and MRHS.  Both locations have had higher levels of phosphorus and/or ecoli than are desirable.  The Advisory Committee has come up against funding cuts and has asked if Sullivan Conservation could contribute $92 as their share to the water testing program.  Roger made a motion contribute $92 to the program.  Seconded by Christa.  Eric amended the motion – “To contribute $92 to the Ashuelot River Water Testing Program if other towns agree to contribute their share.”  Sullivan has only 1500’ of the river coming into its boundaries.  The item was tabled and Roger will find out more for the next meeting.
    Eric asked if members might be interested in a conservation fund-raiser.  The commission recently purchased a Kill-A–Watt for the library and more Commission members are taking part in various workshops this year.  A fund-raiser would help defer the costs.  Roger explained these costs can also be covered by the “change of use” fund.  The scrap metal clean up last year aided townspeople and the proceeds also contributed to the fire/rescue departments as well as conservation.  Members will think on it and take suggestions. 
    The Commission was notified about the possible location of a cell tower (US Cellular) on Houghton Ledge.  The tower will be about 190’ tall and will sit on land in Roxbury owned by Shirley Beteau.  If constructed, it will be a boon to cell phone users but will also have a visual impact on many Sullivan landowners.  A balloon is scheduled to be raised this Saturday (May 16) from 7 am to 12 noon, weather permitting.  Rain date is Sunday, May 17.  The balloon will be raised to the height of the tower.  A public hearing on the cell tower is scheduled for May 27 at the Roxbury Town Hall at 7 pm.
    Eric will contact Randy about the Jewett Park clean up and FEMA’s assistance. 
    Stoddard and Roxbury would like to perambulate the town lines with Sullivan this year.  John Bridges, surveyor will oversee the walk.  Roger&Ann Sweet and Eric would like to accompany them. 
Next month Roger will give a presentation about ticks and Lyme disease. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings