Minutes of May 19, 2015

Present:  Ginni McByrne, Jim McByrne, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings.

The minutes of the April meeting were accepted as read.

Jewett Park – Becky had some papers about the Jewett Park grant and construction but more information is needed.  She will check and see if they are in the file.  One paragraph in the papers stood out, “property acquired or developed under this program will be retained and used for public outdoor recreation purposes in perpetuity or as otherwise provided for in this project agreement.”    Roger suggested we come up with a set of proposals of what to do with it and possibly include Mary (Jewett) Parker to see what her thoughts might be.  Eric said it definitely needs to be revitalized.   Proposals tonight included: reestablishment of the wildflower trail, install playground equipment (perhaps some from the old school), keep one of the picnic table canopies for a kiosk with descriptions and maps of hiking trails in town to make it a hub of trails, part of a hiking loop from Winch Hill down behind the fire station and cemetery and out into the town barn area to the park.  

Winch Hill clean-up day was discussed.  It will probably take half a day with a number of volunteers.   A date will probably be set next month.

Roger mentioned the June 5 Energy Committee meeting to discuss the energy audit that was done on the town hall.  

The meeting ended with talk about bird and animal sightings in town.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,   
Becky Cummings