Minutes of November 11, 2008

Present:  Michele Degree, Christa Patterson, Randy Smith, Fred Stewart, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Chip Woodbury and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the October meeting were accepted as read.

Randy has finally received all the culvert permits from the DES.  They “lost” 4 of them when they were originally submitted, assuming they had received only one. 

Six people hiked to the site of Mrs. Nash’s murder, which was found.  Ten people made the trek to the Bear Dens.

Eric, new conservation commission chairman, thanked Roger for his years of dedication and chairmanship.  All present thanked him as well.

Roger said the Annual Meeting of NH Conservation Commissions was one of the better ones this year.  Christa attended a seminar concerning a farm bill that various commissions/towns may be able to use for local grants.  One possibility for Sullivan would be to use it for a new forestry plan for the Town Farm.  The US House is currently waiting for new wording before making a determination on the bill.  Up to 4.4 billion dollars may be available for the grants.

At the same meeting Roger and Eric attended a seminar on inventory and natural resource planning (NRI) by Jeffrey Littleton.  It was suggested to have him speak at one of our future meetings. 

Eric also attended a culvert restoration project seminar which included information about dams, town inventories, railroad beds, road intersections, barriers to waterways, mapping, etc.  Culverts to be replaced or improved in town include some on Bowlder Rd., Price Rd., Gilsum Rd., Corey Mine Rd. and Hubbard Rd. 

Eric brought up Senate Bill 381 which would allow conservation commissions to expend funds to (A) an out of area land, as in the Nelson aquifer or (B) in town lands.  The selectmen will not support this for our town and it was unanimously agreed to wait before the commission makes a decision as to support it or not.

Mike Blair of SWRP will be doing our remaining maps for the NRI.  These will include surficial geology, watersheds, bedrock geology, drinking water resources and aquifer delineation, hiking&snowmobile trails on open land, soils of interest, etc.  One map is $325; multiple copies are $350.  It was agreed one map would do.

Eric briefly mentioned goals and missions of conservation commissions and asked the group to think about them for our town.

Coming events include: Monadnock Farm&Community Connection at Heberton Hall in Keene at 6:30 pm on Nov. 18th; Monadnock Region Land Summit in January ($20) and Jewett Park clean-up at 9 am this coming Saturday.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings