Minutes of November 12, 2013

Minutes of the October meeting were accepted with one amendment.  The last line of the paragraph concerning the Brooks easements should read:  Following that a warrant article will be considered for town meeting in March and a public hearing to follow that.

Eric contacted Anne McBride on the status of the final draft for the easements on the Brooks property.  Her office has been working on the Conservancy accreditation and she hopes to have the easement ready to present to the selectmen soon.  

Eric asked if anyone had any thoughts on the memorial for Christa.  Roger said one of the original thoughts about the land at the end of Martin Court had to be abandoned as it is already called Martin Woods.  Eric suggested a perennial garden somewhere in town would be good.  After some discussion Roger suggested the library as they have room there.  Becky thought day lilies might be nice as they were a favorite of Christa‚Äôs and with so many people having some of hers, we could easily get plants originally from her property.

An intent to cut from Bruce Merrill of Apple Hill (Map&Lot 006-077-003) was reviewed.

Roger and Ann Sweet recently attended the annual meeting of NH Assoc. of Conservation Commissions.  Roger said it was the best one yet and they attended several different workshops.

The Bruce Antis variance was denied by the ZBA.  The next step would be for him to appeal.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings