Minutes of November 14, 2018

Sullivan Town Hall
Nov. 14, 2018

Present:  Jim McByrne, Wendy Pelletier, Roger Sweet, Eric White and Becky Cummings. 

The minutes of the October meeting were approved as read. 

Much discussion ensued concerning the tree stand on Winch Hill (Town Farm).  The new regulations/set-backs for hunting&trapping have been posted on the gate to the Town Farm.   Eric reported the stand is still there and it didn’t look as if anyone has read the note he posted on it.   Laura told Eric she is fine to have the stand taken down – the owner has been given plenty of notice (with the attached note) to remove it.  When it is taken down, the stand will be kept at the Town Hall until someone claims it.  Jim suggested the commission wait until spring now and those in attendance agreed. 

The trail to Meetinghouse Rock is often used by hikers and the new regulations/set-backs have been posted for the safety of all using the trails.  The Conservation Commission made their suggestions for the regulations last summer and presented them to the Trustees of Trust Funds, who came up with a definitive policy.  Jim Casey (Trustee of Trust Funds) now said their duties concern finances only, not policy.  The Conservation Commission should take responsibility for that.  Eric checked with the Barbara Richter, Executive  Director of the NH Association of Conservation Commissions, and she confirmed that NH Conservation Commissions are advisory only and have no jurisdiction over anything.   The responsibility of the Town Farm has been discussed previously – Eric will check the file in the town office and hopefully find the answer there as to who, what, where and when all this was decided.  The selectmen of the town are the governing board and if the responsibility is not with the Trustees of Trust Funds, then it falls to the selectmen to oversee and enforce.

Eric presented a trail map of the New London area.  In the near future, he would like to see something like it for Sullivan.  The group did not get to any trail work this past fall but perhaps this winter can plan the proposed kiosk and make arrow signs for the trails.  
Eric has signed the budget for hazardous waste disposal at the Keene Recycling Center this coming year.

Wendy Pelletier will replace Eric as chairman of the Sullivan Conservation Commission in January.  A vote was taken to make it official – all in favor. 

Wendy attended the annual meeting of NH Association of Conservation Commissions.  She found it extremely informative and heard speakers on global warming, the activities of the Amherst Conservation Commission, beaver deceivers by the state biologist and a presentation by Jeff Littleton on using NRI’s (Natural Resource Inventories).  

Mention was made the septic odor is still lingering around the post office.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings