Minutes of November 17, 2015

Present:   Ginni McByrne, Jim McByrne, Eric White, Chip Woodbury&Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the October meeting were approved as read.

Eric referred to correspondence from Bob Dillberger (Mason Conservation Commission) who drafted the pipeline letter we approved a few months ago.  Dillburger relayed he had received a reply from Gov. Maggie Hassen stating she is “not for or against the pipeline at this time; more information is needed and we should proceed slowly weighing the benefits and concerns.”

Dillberger also sent Eric correspondence from the NH Dept. of Justice for Charitable Trusts to the Federal Regulatory Commission outlining restrictions on conservation and easement properties and questioning how they (NED Pipeline) plan to work through these areas.  

The commission’s 2016 budget was discussed and it was decided to request the same amount as 2015 - $1,943.  Items included are: dues & membership ($265); postage ($25); training ($120); youth education ($500); town clean up and hazardous waste ($933) and Ashuelot River water testing ($100).  

Perambulations should be done every 7 years.  Eric has copies of the most recent ones -Roxbury/Sullivan in 2009 and Nelson/Sullivan in 2010 and will get those to the selectmen for their files.  A memo will also be sent to the selectmen requesting they assign the other perambulations to the commission for 2016.

Eric referred to a note from Janine Marr in Gilsum wondering if we might be in need of a town forester.   Sullivan is all set at this time.

Jewett Park was discussed again as a connecting spot for local trails.  Eric will draft an article for the next newsletter asking interested people to contact him concerning the maintenance and breaking of Sullivan trails.  There is a potential for a connector trail to Nelson and perhaps we could combine our efforts with theirs.  It was also noted the Sullivan Fire Dept. is interested in improving the park.  It would be good to have a FD representative meet with the commission about the park and local trails.  In years past the FD worked with the commission to keep local trails open for access in case of a forest fire.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings