Minutes of November 9, 2010

Present:  Christa Paterson, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Chip Woodbury.  Also present was Ralph Jernberg from the NES ACCESS program of Gilsum and Sullivan.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm and the minutes of the October meeting were accepted as read.

On the morning of October 16th Randy, Chip, Roger and Eric cleared the roads in the Town Forest of downed debris.  In the afternoon Roger and Ann Sweet and Eric met with Swift Corwin, a local forester, to discuss the renewal of the Town Forest management plan.  There were discussions on the long term use of the forest and how to increase its use by residents.

Roger, Christa and Eric attended the NHACC annual meeting last Saturday in Concord and all agreed that the workshops were very informative this year.  Highlights included; Developing Conservation Plans from an NRI and Managing Town Forests for Wildlife expanded on our talk with Jeff Littleton and our walk with Swift Corwin last month. Community Forests and Town Line Perambulation are both current focuses of the commission.

The town line perambulation with Nelson is scheduled for Saturday November 20th at 9 am to locate the last point that eluded us on the first outing.

The Energy Committee has received lighting audits on each of the town buildings from PSNH, and possible funds have been found to upgrade most of the buildings.  The Committee met with the Selectmen last month to discuss funding for the insulation of the highway garage as well as discussing a possible warrant article for a capitol reserve fund for energy improvements to town buildings at the next town meeting.

Ralph Jernberg from NES ACCESS spoke to the commission about the program he runs based out of the Gilsum Elementary School.  The program serves Sullivan, Gilsum and now some Marlow and Surry children K to 6. They provide safe, enriching programs before and after school and during the summer.  Ralph was looking for ways to get the word out about ACCESS and its need of funding and volunteers as well as projects the children could do in Sullivan. The commission thought that this was a very beneficial program and would discuss possible assistance and activities further.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Eric White