Minutes of October 18, 2017

Sullivan Town Hall
Oct. 18, 2017

Present:  Wendy Pelletier, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the September meeting were accepted as read.

Eric has calls in to Gilsum and Stoddard concerning perambulations.  Keene has not responded in some time even though it’s overdue.  Tom Dutton used to do the perambulations in Keene but he passed away a year or so ago.  

After some discussion, it was decided to walk and map with GPS Mary Parker’s property on Cross Rd.  This abuts the Town Forest.  The same will be done with Sweet’s connecting property.  Eric will send out an email to ask when might be a good work day for the trail group.  He will also contact Richard Smith (Bowlder Rd. to Chapman Pond) to find out if he has a survey map the commission could copy.  Wendy said nothing is filed in the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.  

The Conservation Commission budget for 2018 was discussed.  It will remain the same as 2017.
Dues $265.00
Postage           25.00
Training           120.00
Youth Ed.    500.00  (Harris Center at Nelson School)
Haz Waste   933.00  (also includes roadside cleanup)
Water Test   125.00
Total         $1968.00

Roger and Eric both said they would like to have another article on next year’s warrant to put $1,000 in the Capital Reserve Fund for Land Conservation. 
Hilliare presented information about Beaver Deceivers to the group.  Over the years Sullivan road agents have often been plagued with beaver dams in and around culverts.  Hilliare feels this could be a good solution for the town and area landowners.  He has spoken briefly about this with Randy and will give him more information.  “We are a company dedicated to protecting our land and infrastructure, as well as allowing for creative remedies that improve habitats and end wasteful killing and spending.”  Members were referred to a letter Hilliare had from them as well as their website www.beaverdeceivers.com .
Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Becky Cummings