Minutes of October 9, 2013

Present:  Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the September meeting were accepted as read.

It was noted that Elise Kuder has moved to Harrisville. This leaves a vacancy on the commission.

Ann Sweet typed up the public notice for the public hearing to be held on Oct. 21 at 6pm at the Town Hall.  This will be to hear comments on the proposal for the Town to accept legal interest in the conservation easements to be placed on the properties of Henry Brooks and Linda Brown on the South Road.  Following that a warrant article will be included at town meeting in March and a public hearing will follow that.  

The town received the shore line permit from DES for the Robert and Linda Donnelly property on Valley Road where they plan to build a dwelling.

Dan Kurz and Bethany Porter submitted a septic design approval to the town for the property at 817 Centre St.  

The 50th Annual Meeting of NH Conservation Commissions will be held on Nov. 2 in Concord.  Roger and Ann Sweet plan to attend.  Ann will pay for her own registration.  If anyone else would like to go, let Eric know before Oct. 23.  The commission will cover registration costs for conservation members.

A continuation of the hearing on the Bruce Antis property will be held on Oct. 17 at the Town Hall at 7 pm.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings

* Minutes of the October meeting were accepted with one amendment.  The last line of the paragraph concerning the Brooks easements should read:  Following that a warrant article will be considered for town meeting in March and a public hearing to follow that.