Minutes of September 12, 2018

Sullivan Town Hall
Sept. 12, 2018

Present:  Jim McByrne, Wendy Pelletier, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Chip Woodbury and Becky Cummings.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved as read.  No meetings were held in July or August.

Eric met with the selectmen to get their permission for the trail extension from the Town Farm to cross behind the fire department and town hall, and then after crossing behind the church, to go into the woods again, down to the town barn area, across Church St. and finally into Jewett Park to the site of the proposed trail kiosk.  The selectmen approved the trail crossings on town property.

After getting permission for the trail extension, Eric discussed having an area within the park for off-road parking.  Todd has some short telephone pole sections that could be used to delineate the area.  If the highway department has a down day sometime, they would be willing to help grade/smooth the area to remove rocks, etc.  The selectmen suggested Eric also run the plans by the planning board, just as a formality.   

Eric would like to get a work day together this fall, for both the park and trail system.  He will send out an email to people to see what date(s) might be most convenient.  It was determined that forestry paint is much better than regular spray paint to use for trail markings – yellow is the color of choice.  Roger thinks he may have some and will look.  If not, Wendy will order it from Forestry Suppliers (Ben Meadows). 

The Trustees of Trust Funds received Eric’s letter concerning Town Farm use/hunting.  They thought the conservation commission was going to take care of the existing tree stand.  Eric drafted a note to attach to the stand saying the owner should remove it by a specific date or the commission will remove it.  The stand does not confirm to the new trail set-back regulations.  Eric will ask the trustees for a copy of the Town Farm regulations.

Eric and Wendy have made up a map of the Town Farm area, showing the location of Meetinghouse Rock.  Eric will scan and send it to Becky to have posted on the town website.  Copies will also be available at the Town Hall.  

Perambulations – Eric has not heard from any of the towns.  He will not have time this fall to do perambulations so will put it off until spring.  

Roger brought in Hubbard Road culvert replacement plans.  The culverts have already been installed and approved by the state. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings