Minutes of September 13, 2011

Present:  Elise Kuder, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder, Becky Cummings and Carl Hagstrom, wetlands scientist. 

The minutes of the June meeting were accepted as read.  There were no meetings in July or August.

Carl Hagstrom attended the meeting to go over plans for a proposed house lot and driveway on Centre St. (tax map and lot 3 – 35) near 4 corners.  Approval* was expedited from DES as this is a minimum impact project.  The landowner (Dan Ketola) will use the old existing logging road to get to the house site which is high and dry.  Two culverts will be installed under the driveway, one just off the road and another in front of the house site.  The property is not wetland but poorly drained. 

Discussion followed about the Town Farm.  Shall we go ahead with red pine thinning next year?  Is the culvert still adequate?  Eric will talk with Randy about the culvert which would have to be put in after the water table goes down anyway.  It will be extremely expensive to have a section of the cut stumped and cleared.  A decision must be made on what to do so the expense comes out of the logging operation.  Roger will investigate alternatives.  If a field is created, it would have to be mowed annually and maintained.  What about leaving it as early successional?  The trail around the Town Farm will be marked this winter by the commission on snowshoes.   

Some townspeople have asked what is involved with conservation easements.  Do we want to sponsor a talk?  Eric thought is might be good to have an impromptu get-together at his house in the spring.  The discussion could include pros and cons of the Monadnock Conservancy and the Forest Society.   

The commission’s annual budget will be discussed during the October meeting.  Eric will have a break-down of expenditures. 
Roger gave a brief report from the Energy Committee.  Only one bid (from A.R.C. in VT) was received for the town barn project.  Ann will contact Meridian, another company in Laconia that initially showed an interest.  The committee is looking for ideas for other projects. 
A reminder was given for the October 29 hike to the Piper&Olsen Forests.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings

*The minutes were approved with the following correction – “Preliminary approval was expedited by DES for the Ketola property on Centre St.  Final approval is pending.”