Minutes of September 16, 2008

Present:  Jeff Brooks, Michelle Degree, Al Henry, Christa Patterson, Chris Pratt, Fred Stewart, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder, Chip Woodbury and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the August meeting were accepted as read.

There has been no follow-up word on the status of Paquette’s wood operation or Ed Csenge’s gravel pit.

Chris&Roger will take a preliminary walk/hike on the route of the up-coming historical walk, scheduled for Oct. 25th.  Anyone interested in the preliminary hike should meet at Roger’s at 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 28th. 

The Reisenburg’s attorney (Nelson subdivision) will not request another public hearing but out of courtesy will attend the joint meeting between Nelson and Sullivan officials and residents.

The two “Litter Free” elm trees have been planted…one bordering the cemetery and the other in the grassy center of the town hall driveway.

Jewett Park clean-up is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 15th.

The Sweets have filed an intent to cut and logging has begun on their property off Centre St.

At the State Primary Ann&Roger Sweet collected names of townspeople interested in a Sullivan Energy Committee.  Becky, Fred and Christa also expressed an interest.

Eric said he will install the Conservation Commission bulletin board at the town hall this week.  He asked for suggestions of items to include on it.  They included animal tracking, energy conservation tips and seasonal bits of interest.

The fire department is waiting approval on a wetlands application for a new (replacement) dry hydrant on Otter Brook near the Sullivan Store.  The old one has rotted away and one valve ($300) was ruined because of silt.  Eric&Roger signed off on the application and the fire department will install the new hydrant as soon as the permit comes through.  It is hoped someone in town may donate time and/or heavy equipment to facilitate the installation.

Keith & Crystal Rokes recently appeared before the ZBA for an exception to make a barn into a home.  The barn sits 90’ from the house and there is not enough frontage to meet requirements.  All abutters were in agreement and the permit was given.

Mike Mooney requested a  permit from the ZBA for a 700’ extension of his driveway off Cannon Rd. (near Alrenville) so his daughter and her husband could build a new house.  The existing access road is owned by Mooney and Bohannon but the current deed does not allow for subdivision.  The ZBA said Mooney would have to have an attorney draw up an agreement between parties involved.

Eric recently completed and NH Coverts Program, sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service and NH Fish and Game.  He will also have to give 40 hours of community service, part of which will be the town hall bulletin board. 

Roger will review the town maps with Michael Blair of SWRP. 

Fawn (Sullivan’s administrative assistant) and Roger will complete and spiral bind the NRI booklet (Natural Resource Inventory) for the Conservation Commission.

Eric asked about the Harris Center Program at Sullivan School.  The concern being that it was not funded as much this year as it had been in the past.  Roger said the program is on-going with just the $500 from the Conservation Commission.  Matching funding was not available this year. 

Al Henry said the Hazardous Mitigation Program is due for an up-date next year.  He has been going over the old one and thinks it may cost about $5,000 to complete revisions.  It would be a big help if the Commission could get Sullivan flood plain maps for him.

Roger said he expects next year’s budget can once again be level-funded at $1,500. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings