Minutes of September 8, 2009

Present:  Christa Patterson, Chris Pratt, Randy Smith, Roger Sweet, Eric White, Hilliare Wilder and Becky Cummings.

Minutes of the August meeting were approved as read.

The DES wants a 5’ culvert behind the fire station, not on Cross Rd. as was originally thought.  The application has been resubmitted.

There has not been any new information on the Roxbury cell tower.

Scott Lake (Trustee of Trust Funds) is reviewing the old forest plan for the Town Farm.  He, Eric and Roger will meet with the selectmen and decide what to do about a new plan.  There is also a discrepancy in the amount of acreage. 

Eric showed the commission some of the pictures he had taken of invasive species in bloom.  He is working on getting more to include in the NRI booklet.

The worst (dangling tree&limbs) of the ice damage has been removed from Jewett Park.  It was noted there is also a dead tree there which should be taken down.  Those who can should meet at the park at 9am on Sept. 19th to trim bushes, cut trees, weed-whack and clean up what is left.  Randy will see that firewood from the cut goes to those in need.   

800 daffodil bulbs will be arriving on Oct. 1st for people who helped on the previous town clean up day. 

Roger gave an up-date on the Energy Committee.  They have completed a tour of all 4 town buildings.  The highway department uses the most fuel with 3 propane heaters and a wood furnace.  The town hall has multiple heating zones that are not in working order.  All the heat in the building is now controlled by the thermostat in the police station.  Also, the water treatment there has not been kept up there.  A lot of little things in the buildings can easily be fixed, such as door seals.  The question also came up as to how well the fire department is insulated.  Energy use is measured in BTU’s, not in dollars.  Hilliare would like to see some comparative figures on use.  The committee is applying for a grant for an energy audit on one of the buildings (to be awarded to 48 municipalities).  This was enthusiastically approved by the commission.

County commissioners and conservation committee members are invited to a seminar on the Asian longhorn beetle (ALB attacks and kills many hardwood trees, such as maple, elm, horsechestnut, ash, birch, poplar, willow and many more – it’s a big fear for maple syrup producers) on Sept. 22nd.  It will be in the County Courthouse in the jury assembly room.

The commission will host an historical/nature hike to the site of the Wait Mill on Chapman Brook on Oct. 3rd.  Meet at 10 am at the town hall.   

Meeting adjourned at 7:54 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Cummings