Energy Committee meeting of March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010
Town Hall basement

Present were members Jeff Brooks, Karen Haynes, JJ Prior, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet, and Bob Switzer.

Recent notice of ARRA funding for the efficient wood boiler for the highway garage
The only notice Sullivan has had of the award was an email from Dari Sassan of OEP with a link to a listing on the OEP website of the towns which had been awarded grants for improving energy efficiency.  No award for library weatherization was listed.  Sullivan does not even know whether it received full funding for the project.  Sarah Harpster had no further information and suggested contacting TRC, which Ann agreed to do.

Lots of questions were raised.  How can we fund the almost $10,000 needed for buying the insulation needed for the highway garage and for the small amount of carpentry needed?  How much could a volunteer weekend save in cash toward insulation?    Everyone was enthusiastic about a volunteer weekend to do staining of the building siding, etc.

It was agreed that we needed to know more particulars about the grant before planning much action.  However, we were mindful of Eric White’s strong recommendation that potential bidders for work on the garage be contacted in May.

Everyone was very disappointed that no funding was awarded to the library project.  Should a capital reserve fund be established at the 2011 town meeting to pay for that project?  If $10,000 were put into such a fund, the money could be raised in 5 years.  Should a bond issue be explored?

There was discussion of developments in insulation materials as fiberglass has been shown to admit moist air, reducing R24 to R12.  LeValley has another approach.

Reducing light pollution
Only brief mention was made of this project as a next step for the committee

Next meeting:  Monday, April 12.

Addendum:  The conservation commission, meeting March 16, discussed and will explore the possibility of  providing funding for garage insulation from the land use change tax fund.

Notes by Ann Sweet