Energy committee Minutes for April 23, 2015


April 23, 2015

Present:Paul Bolduc, Roger Sweet, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer.Jeff Brooks sent in his suggestions.


After some discussion of the Energy Saving Measures recommended by Margaret Dillon in her audit, the following were recommended for implementation from the list on page 4 in order of their priority:

·Weatherstrip all windows and doors

·Air seal and insulate attic access hatch

·Remove open slot for depositing letters, seal the wall opening and construct an external box for letters that can be locked.

·Install 2” Thermax on exposed foundation wall

·Spray foam at rim joists/sill if the cost is as estimated; otherwise resort to rigid sheets taped into place on lower level

·Insulate all accessible water pipes

·Install return duct from Sheriff’s office


·Install return duct from Sheriff’s office

·Install programmable thermostats and setbacks

·Find out if lower level windows are double-glazed; if so, weather strip these windows

·Convert two or 4 T12’s to LED Troffers to see what a difference that lighting makes

We talked about the recommendation to air seal ceiling plane and insulate the top plates.We thought that should be done, but probably as phase 2, since it is the most costly measure.

We did not discuss daylight sensors on exterior lighting.We also did not discuss Air sealing filter cabinet and return ducts, but that should be part of the envelope improvements.

Our next task will be to get firmer estimates for these tasks.The expert installation installer says he can come next week to give an estimate for the DS improvements.No time set as yet.

Margaret suggested Adrian Pinney for estimates for installing return duct from the Sheriff’s office and programmable thermostats.It was suggested the cheapest be bought.

We must report to the selectmen on our priorities for implementation of the recommendations and their costs as estimated by contractors.We might be ready by their meeting May 18, but perhaps not until the June 1 meeting.


It was suggested that Margaret Dillon, if she is willing, might talk about the role of the audit in thinking about energy saving in municipal buildings.We hope to have representatives from other area energy committees at our meeting as well as Sullivan residents.A representative of Granite Solar wishes to be invited. If there is time, he may be asked to make a presentation. The purpose of the meeting is educational.


The topics listed for the morning meeting are very pertinent to our issues.The workshop is free (with breakfast and lunch provided).At least three of us plan to go.

Ann Sweet