Energy committee Minutes for December 8, 2015

 Sullivan Energy Committee
        Minutes for meeting of December 8, 2015
Present:  Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet, Bob Switzer
Place:  Sullivan Library, since the selectmen were meeting in the town hall.
Review of required report to NEGEF re grant for town hall audit.
Roger Sweet suggested that the local efforts to improve efficiency in the library be added to “Community Changes”
Ideas for future energy-saving efforts
1. Approach fire department to ask about energy-saving opportunities there, pointing out fuel consumption and energy consumption, in particular.
2. Suggest ideas in newsletter for home projects to save energy (e.g., heating rocks or large jars of water near stove or in bright sun and move them to cooler parts of the room).
3. Another newsletter idea:  measure windows for homemade rigid, removable insulated interior shutters (panels)to fit into windows during the night to keep inside.
At least one energy committee member will ask to meet with Al Henry to discuss possible audit of the fire house.
Comment:  the library is a delightfully cozy place to meet.