Energy committee Minutes for February 2, 2010

February  2, 2010
Sullivan Town Hall

Present were:  Paul Bolduc, Jeff Brooks, Jim Forrest, Karen Haynes, Christa Patterson, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet and Bob Switzer.  Eric White joined the meeting.

Audit of highway garage has not been completed by Tobias Marquette.  He promised it in time to include in application, but he did not specify a day.

Application deadline extended by one day, to Feb. 16, because of holiday.

Start on narrative
Ann noted helpful edits by JJ to the two pages so far drafted. The next sections of the narrative require figures which are not yet complete.

Jeff suggested that a cover sheet should provide a distillation of main points for reader's ease in understanding the project.  An executive summary will be placed on top of the application.

Ann declared that without Eric's analysis of tasks to be accomplished in the retrofit of the library and his diligent pursuit of needed specialists to give estimates, she would have floundered.  Eric has devoted many hours to laying out the steps to be taken and lining up estimates for each.

Jeff noted that without figures on heat production before Randy began using wood it will be difficult to show savings.  We need to find out if Randy knows how much was spent before his day.

Jeff is in the process of getting figures for a 250 BTU wood burner, both of the gas type and the water type.  He remarked that one problem is the time it takes to heat up the water in the boiler after a weekend without use.  Eric has the impression, which needs to be confirmed, that Randy comes to the highway garage most weekends during the winter.

Eric is frustrated by the lack of an audit of the highway garage, because until he knows Tobias' recommendations, it is hard to get figures for insulation and ducts.  Also, we need to know what kind of outside furnace he is recommending:  water or air.  Will he suggest piping heat into floor registers?Eric will phone SDES to get some answers.

There was some discussion about whether written estimates were necessary from each potential subcontractor.  Consensus was that Eric, acting as contractor, could assemble costs and his written assessment would suffice.

It was suggested that using photos, especially of the highway garage, would be helpful in making the point about the need for a new outside furnace (which must be protected from rain and show but need not be in a completely enclosed insulated shelter).

It was decided that the earliest a meeting to review the narrative could be held would be the middle of next week.  Wednesday was suggested.  However, Roger and Ann, as it turns out, cannot be in Sullivan that evening.

PROPOSED:  The next meeting of the energy committee to review the application be held on Friday, February 12, at 7 p.m. in the town hall basement.  Please let me know whether this is a problem for you!!  If so, the backup date would be Saturday morning at 9.

Thank you.


Paul Bolduc's notes made this summary possible.