Energy Committee Minutes for February 21, 2010

Sullivan Energy Committee
Meeting of Feb. 21, 2010

Present were Jeff Brooks, Dennis Noonan, JJ Prior, Bob Switzer, Roger Sweet, and Ann Sweet.

A home energy audit
Jeff brought copies of his auditor’s report, announcing dramatically that she found a 4.5 foot square hole in his house.  Of course, that figure was the accumulation of many leaks.  Jeff and Cindy have found the audit illuminating, and they will be pursuing recommendations the auditor made.  Jeff plans to have a display for election day and town meeting to inspire other Sullivan residents to undertake audits to keep the heat in their houses and cash in their pockets.

Button Up, New Hampshire
Bob reported on a workshop he attended in December in which recommendations were made to homeowners for do-it-yourself insulation.  The possibility of sponsoring such a workshop for Sullivan and perhaps surrounding communities was discussed for a fall date.

A visit to an outdoor wood boiler
Tentative plans were made to visit a wood boiler for a highway garage in Chester, VT to get a sense of a possible boiler for Sullivan.

Spring energy conference:  April 2 
The annual conference, which several of us have attended in the past two years, is registering people now.  If we sign up by March 2 (Tuesday) we can get the early price of $30 per head.  If not, the charge will be $35.  Attached is the announcement with the registration form.  I will be glad to sign you up, if you are ready to commit to the charge.  Please let me know ASAP.

Next meeting of the energy committee:  Monday, March 7 at 7 pm. in the town hall basement.