Energy Committee Minutes for June 3, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Town Hall Basement

Present: Jeff Brooks, Jim Forrest, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Cheryl Labadie, Ann/Roger Sweet&Bob Switzer.

June 19 annual conference
Bob, Jeff, Roger and Ann plan to attend this second annual conference sponsored by Cool Monadnock and others.  Ann will register the group.

Completing the requirements for the EECBG Agreement
1. Insurance certificates are expected this week.
2. EPA’s Portfolio Manager results (benchmarking) will be completed by Jeff in order to create a Statement of Energy Performance to accompany the signed agreement.  A similar energy use calculation is required for the 12 months following completion of the project.
3. At the selectmen’s meeting Monday, June 14, the agreement will be approved and signed.  Cheryl’s signature must be notarized on page 1 of the agreement.  Additionally, her signature or initials are required on many pages and attachments.  Question was raised about having a notary at that meeting.  Perhaps the town’s new administrative assistant is a notary.
4.  Much discussion centered on who should be named for various tasks listed on one of the pages required by TRC/OEP.  It was decided as follows:
 Financial Management Responsibilities
 Signs requests for payment Chairman of Selectmen Cheryl Labadie
 Authorizes purchases/payments “
 Approves invoices   “
 Writes checks  Town treasurer Lorraine Lindamood
 Signs checks   “ 
 Administrative Responsibilities
 Overall project management Ann Sweet
 Fulfills Davis Bacon requirements   Roger Sweet
 Fulfills 1512 OMB/DOE requirements  Ann Sweet
 Approves vendor sub-contracts     Eric White
 Fulfills procurement requirements   Bob Switzer

Creating a waste management plan before first payment from DOE
Jim suggested that each sub-contractor be required to include a plan for and the cost of disposing of discarded lumber, etc. as part of his proposal for the project.

Embarking on the project
1.  The signed agreement should be mailed the week of June 21.  The minutes of the June 14 selectmen’s meeting will be approved at the June 21 meeting.  Then the agreement, with all its attachments and signatures, must be copied and sent to TRC, probably by certified mail.
2.  Although no work can begin until the agreement is approved by TRC (probably not until  mid or late July), the energy committee will want to work on the Requests for Proposals.  It is very important to outline criteria that will ensure the application by qualified vendors.  Additionally, many stipulations must be outlined, such as the Buy American and Davis Bacon wage requirements.  Jim pointed out that cutting into the garage wall for attaching the boiler housing may run into old lead paint and require a vendor certified to deal with lead paint.

Other questions raised
1. Could the boiler heat flooring of the garage for radiant heat?  Would that reduce the need for backup heating?
2. Is just the new foundation for the attached boiler building to be insulated, or is the whole structure’s foundation to be insulated?  Who is to do the digging for the foundation?
3. If the town budget has some funds for providing the insulation included in the library project for the garage, could money be saved by purchasing used foam and other insulation for outlets learned about at the Antioch meeting?  Could the savings be used to pay for a metal exterior to the building?

Discussion of broader issues
Cheryl spoke of her growing awareness of untended maintenance issues in several town buildings. She would like several town committees (especially planning, budget, and energy) to get together to talk about long term maintenance issues.  Bob observed that this is consistent with the beginning conversations the planning board has had about working with other town groups on a Capital Improvement Program.  Roger asked whether the library energy needs, along with exterior painting, could be included in those discussions and plans.  He wondered whether the whole library project could be bonded, if convincing financial arguments for long-term savings could be mustered.

The meeting concluded at 8:30 p.m.

Notes by Ann Sweet