Energy committee Minutes for March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Members present:  Bob Switzer, Jeff Brooks, Karen Haynes, Roger Sweet, Ann Sweet

Guest present:  Tara Germond, a planner of SWRPC

Swearing in of energy committee members
The Town Clerk swore in the energy committee members as the selectmen determined that the committee should be more formalized than it has been since its approval in 2009.

ETAP help for NH municipalities
Tara Germond spoke of tools available through ETAP, Energy Technical Assistance and Planning for NH, to track and understand energy consumption in municipal buildings.  After a brief discussion, we all went up to the selectmen’s meeting, where Tara described the benefits of registering with the program, a free service that will expire mid 2012.  The selectmen asked several questions, including what help ETAP might provide in reducing diesel consumption by the highway department.  The chairman then promised to review the ETAP materials and decide at the next meeting whether to register with the program.

Following Tara’s departure, there was extensive discussion about the proposed wood boiler for the highway garage, for which an RFP must soon be written.  Additionally, the issue of the need to improve energy savings in the library was raised.  Should funds be taken from the capital reserve fund for building repairs to get a start?  Should a capital reserve fund dedicated to the library be started at the next town meeting to implement more of the recommendations made in the formal energy audit of the library done in the autumn of 2009?

A windmill in Sullivan on Centre Street
Dennis Noonan has set up on his lawn one of the model wind turbines he showed us at our January meeting.  Drive by at night.  You will see a light lit by the electricity generated at very low wind speeds.  The Noonan house is between the old parsonage (now for sale)  and the LeBlanc house on the corner of Centre St. and Gilsum Road.