Energy committee Minutes for March 22, 2016


Members present:  Jeff Brooks, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet, Bob Switzer

Future of the Energy Committee
Reflecting that major projects have been completed, it was decided that the committee might meet about once every few months to find out energy priorities from the members and to discuss energy advances that might inspire local projects.  The spring energy conference is one source of inspiration.
Energy consumption by town buildings from 2008-2014
Using the data recorded in Portfolio Manager, Bob Switzer showed some charts illustrating ups and downs of energy consumption.  Some of the spikes seemed curious, and the members decided to meet with town building representatives to determine whether numbers recorded might be inaccurate.  Ann Sweet suggested beginning with Road Agent Randy Smith.  She will ask for a convenient meeting time and notify committee members.  Bob Switzer will bring his charts.  He will also find out when the library installed its new furnace.  Library use of propane should be down considerably between the winter of 2014 and the winter of 2015 following the installation of a new furnace, the substantial insulation of the library, addition of storm windows, and the hanging of insulating drapes on the big windows.
Notes on meetings starting in 2009
Bob Switzer offered to post the meeting notes on the town website.  Ann Sweet had never posted them, feeling that the annual reports in the town annual report sufficed.  There has been, consequently, a blank space on the town website, which will not be filled.
The 6:30 meeting ended about 7:30.
Notes by Ann Sweet