Energy Committee Minutes for May 10, 2010

Monday, May 10
Town Hall Basement

Present:  Karen Haynes,  JJ Prior, Ann/Roger Sweet

1. Ann reported on the required workshop for ARRA funds awardees, attended by Eric White (who had developed all the specs for the applications), and Roger and Ann.  The requirements for hiring contractors and reporting on expenditures are multiple and burdensome.  Additionally, no funds will be awarded until at least half of the expenditures have been made.  Since  no towns have yet received contracts for their projects, the specific stipulations for Sullivan are not yet clear.  Contracts were promised “soon,” although they had been promised for mid April. 

2. The Keene Sentinel reported  May 10 on the efforts of Cool Monadnock, SWRPC, and Antioch to write a plan to reduce municipal greenhouse gas emissions in the Monadnock Region by 10%.

No date will be set for the next meeting until the contract is received. 

Notes by Ann Sweet