Energy committee Minutes for May 21, 2014

Sullivan Energy Committee

Meeting of May 21, 2014

Present:Jeff Brooks, Dennis Noonan, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet, and Bob Switzer

*Draft Energy chapter for the Sullivan Master Plan*

After a brief discussion about this draft, the first time an energy chapter has been in the Master Plan, the consensus was that the draft was satisfactory.Members were asked to let Ann know of any additions needed.The other members of the committee, unable to be present because the school board was meeting, have also been asked to send any recommended changes.

*Energy use data for Sullivan buildings*

Since Sullivan prepared to apply for ARRA money in 2009, energy use for each town building has been compiled.Comprehensive data is available from 2008 through 2013 for three buildings, all except for fire department, for which we have data from 2009 through 2013.Everyone agreed that having this data is useful for planning.Data from the highway consumption of propane shows a drop in consumption following the installation of the energy-efficient wood boiler outside the highway department garage.It is hoped that the library’s use of propane will drop significantly following the recent heavy insulation of the building.The cost of propane in 2013 increased markedly.

Questions were raised about the other town buildings.For example, the town hall has had heating problems, partly related to the thermostat for the building having been, until the police department closed in late 2013, located in the police office in the building basement.Insulation would likely reduce the cost of heating the building.The propane consumption in 2013 exceeded that of 2012 only by 100 gallons, but the cost jumped more than $400.Of course, an energy audit of the building should be undertaken in order to see where insulation could be usefully installed.Another question concerned the expenditure for oil in the fire department’s building. * The reason the building must be kept at a certain temperature is to keep medicines used in rescue viable.First of all, could not these medicines be kept in a separate insulated box rather than heating the whole building?Second, an energy audit would be needed to determine the how energy savings might best be made.

Jeff Brooks brought charts made from Sullivan data (for fuel and electricity combined) comparing energy use by selected towns for libraries and town halls, which have shared their data through Portfolio Manager, where Sullivan data is stored. He also brought a pie chart showing comparative energy consumption costs by Sullivan town buildings.The fire department is followed in order by the town hall, the library, and the highway department.Jeff also offered to do a chart showing energy consumption by town buildings over the years for which we have data.Bob thought it might be possible to keep a running spread sheet on town energy use using Google docs.

The next meeting of the energy committee will be Tuesday evening, June 10, when Eric White, Sullivan Conservation Commission chairman, will talk about (and show pictures of) the renovations he did to an early 19^th century house in Dover which has won an Energy Star award.This will be a joint meeting of the Conservation Commission and the Energy Committee.

/*The figures to follow were not discussed at the meeting./In the past two years, the cost of heating the fire house has been over $5000.The town hall, by contrast, has spent over $2000 in 2012 and over $3000 in 2013.