Energy committee Minutes for November 23, 2009

Sullivan Energy Committee
Minutes of Meeting of November 23, 2009
Town Hall Basement

Members present:  Jeff Brooks, Jim Forrest, Karen Haynes,  JJ Prior,  Ann Sweet,  Roger Sweet, Bob Switzer

Minutes of the meeting of October 19 were approved as distributed.

How to Respond to OEP's Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant RFPs
Jeff Brooks kindly brought in his laptop computer and played for us the CD describing EECBG's funding priorities.  He will make a copy of the CD for Ann to have available for anyone interested in the details.  
Priorities include:
* Energy conservation and efficiency
* Linkages to long-term priorities
* Focus on long-term savings, job creation and economic stimulation
Constraints include:
* Cost not exceed $400,000
* Wages must meet Davis Bacon standards
* Equipment and materials must be made in America

The RFPs may be out very soon, and we will have to choose a project.  However, we are waiting for word from Sarah Harpster that Tobias Marquette of SDES Group will spend a day (maybe 11/30 or 12/2) in Sullivan, studying the four municipal buildings to determine which should be targeted for the MEAP-funded audit.  

Highway department heating system interview with Randy Smith and Paul Yawarski the last week in October by Jeff Brooks
Jeff's notes with details about the existing system are available.  Goals for changing the system would include reducing or eliminating the use of gas and providing heat near the floors to create a comfortable office and garage area.  Randy did say that the insulation and the leaky overhead door are on the list for fixing.  One idea for eliminating the problem of feeding the woodstove might be to sell the 25 cords of wood available and replace the combined gas/wood system with oil heat.  Propane is less efficient and now more expensive than oil.  Another idea would be to store 8000 gallons of water, using the wood heat, to carry the warmth through the days when no one can tend the wood furnace, again eliminating the propane.  Further investigation will wait on the interest of Tobias Marquette of SDES.

Saving energy and reducing light pollution from external lighting
Following up on the interest expressed in the October meeting, JJ offered to find out more about motion-detector lighting for the outdoors and hoods for stationary lights.

Electronic thermostats
Probably this possibility should be investigated for the town hall.

Important question
How can we institutionalize, in the absence of an energy committee in the future, the annual review of energy data so the town can monitor its energy use?  Is SWRPC a possible agent for prompting towns to collect data?  Ann will call SWRPC to find out the extent of its involvement with energy issues.

NEXT MEETING:  Dec. 28, 2009, 7 p.m., town hall basement

Notes by Ann Sweet