Energy Committee Minutes for November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010
Town Hall Basement

Present: Paul Bolduc, Jeff Brooks,  Karen Haynes, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet&Bob Switzer.

Carbon Challenge competition with Temple
After discussion, it was agreed that announcing the competition through the January newsletter would be a good way to alert people in town to checking their energy use on the website ( to encourage saving money through reduced use.  Jeff Brooks suggested examples would raise awareness.  He plans to have an energy audit of his house that he could offer as an inspiring example.

Upgrading lighting in town buildings
It was suggested that mention of the opportunity to save money (with examples) through lighting upgrades be publicized in the January newsletter.

Requesting appropriation of a sum to help with the cost of garage insulation
Everyone agreed that the insulation should be done to save fuel consumption (money) over time, so the request should be made.  Besides, such a request provides another opportunity to raise consciousness in the community about the cost savings through insulation.

Workshop for the community on weatherization
If possible, such a workshop will be scheduled for Sullivan.  THERE WILL BE SUCH A WORKSHOP IN KEENE ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, AT 6 P.M. IN THE PUBLIC AUDITORIUM OF THE KEENE PUBLIC LIBRARY.  Bob and Jeff (and maybe Paul) plan to go.  Anyone is welcome.