Energy Committee Minutes for Oct. 19, 2009

Sullivan Energy Committee
Minutes of Meeting of October 19, 2009
Town Hall Basement

Members present:  Paul Bolduc, Jeff Brooks, Karen Haynes, Christa Patterson, JJ Prior, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet, Bob Switzer

News from Sarah Harpster of Cool Monadnock
Sarah reports that Sullivan will not receive funding in this round of awards to communities for building audits from the NH Municipal  Energy Assistance Program.  She will really lobby for Sullivan in the next round.

Letter to PSNH
It was decided to send a letter to President Gary Long at PSNH suggesting, based on a CSM article on what other utilities are doing, modifying PSNH residential billing to show customers how their energy use compares with energy use by others in the area.  Results show that the competitive spirit engendered has cut electricity use.

Newsletter article
Becky Cummings suggested the need for information on recycling CFLs.  Information from the DES website on CFLs provided the basics for the article.

Replacement of older fluorescent lights in town buildings
Bob Switzer’s advice from an electrician:  savings would be minimal.

External building lights
Enthusiastic recommendations were made:
Motion detector lighting to save energy
Hoods on outdoor lights to reduce light pollution

Focus on highway building
Realizing that wood cut from damaged trees along roadsides saves the town money for heating the town highway building, the group discussed alternatives to the propane consumed nights and weekends and the inside wood furnace.  Jeff Brooks will explore with the road agent the possibilities for an exterior wood furnace operating 24/7 without human intervention nights and weekends.   Better insulation of the building would help.

Committee findings
Reviewing the list of findings from the building walk-throughs in the summer, the committee decided to visit the selectmen, meeting upstairs, to ask about
Fixing the zones in the town hall
Hiring a maintenance person to tour all town buildings on a regular basis to check the proper operation of systems.

Next meetings:  Monday, November 23 at 7 p.m. in the town hall basement
   Monday, December 28 at 7 p.m. in the town hall basement

Notes from Paul Bolduc and Ann Sweet