Energy Committee notes for August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012
7 p.m. in the town hall basement

Members present:  Jeff Brooks, Roger Sweet, Ann Sweet, Bob Switzer

Guests present:  Anne Karcamarczyk of PSNH and Diane Morra of LighTec

Questions about the 2010 assessments of the need for lighting upgrades in the four town buildings
Diane observed that the assessor in 2010 had not asked building users about hours of operation or about satisfaction with lighting levels.  She said she would come out to Sullivan to review the lighting conditions and needs.  She will do foot candle readings.  She said it would be helpful to have a floor plan of the library (others, too?) and Bob offered to create one.

Some of the estimates for operating times seemed excessive, and Diane offered to change those for the library.

Anne declared it would be possible to install occupancy sensors or timers in some buildings, but that might alter the cost.  She also pointed out that replacement of fixtures is not included in the proposal.

Diane said it would be possible to use a local electrician in the installation, if the town has one.

Committee need to make a clear case for lighting upgrades
Anne suggested that more important than dollar savings are the following considerations:
•    Sullivan’s lamps are coming to the end of their useful lives;  the 50/50 program is an opportunity to have them replaced by the utility
•    There is a one-year warranty for all replacements
•    The installations will make for consistency in lighting
•     Using same bulbs where feasible will make begging from one building to another possible
•     the installer can tell the town how to find effective and inexpensive replacements
•    it will be possible to introduce  occupancy detectors or timers, although that may change costs
•    PSNH goes out to bid for installations and uses only NH labor

Anne and Diane suggested that we aggregate all the savings from the lighting upgrades when we make a presentation to the selectmen.

It turns out that most of the funding for the “rebates” (the 50% the town does not pay) comes from the Systems Benefits Charge at the end of our bills.