Energy Committee Notes for June 24, 2013

   MEETING OF JUNE 24, 2013

Present:  Jeff Brooks, Roger and Ann Sweet, Bob Switzer

This was a meeting to reconnoiter, since the committee had not met since the solar presentation by Revision Energy on March 28.

Suggestions for committee action were reviewed:

1. Write an energy chapter for the (currently being updated) town Master Plan.  There is no energy chapter now.  Creating one is an opportunity to suggest goals for reducing the cost of energy in the community.  Bob Switzer will work on a possible outline for such a chapter.

2. Remind the selectmen of opportunities to reduce energy consumption and cost.
• Fixing theheating system problems in the town hall .  Jeff Brooks will find out status.
• Sealing and insulating all ductwork in the town hall basement
• Replacing the two existing furnaces in the fire station with one high efficiency furnace using propane (as recommended by the expert who did the professional audits of the library and town garage in 2009/10).
• Replacing lighting in town buildings with energy-efficient lights.
• Handing out with building permits guidance on energy conservation prepared by the State of NH.

3. Complete the insulation of the library.

4. Write an energy piece for every issue of the town newsletter to remind readers of possibilities for reducing energy consumption.  Each energy committee member will take a turn at writing. 

While discussing possible actions, Aaron Collette, the police officer, came in, having seen the town hall lights, to be sure everything was ok.  He spoke of the new LED light above the entrance to the town hall.  The cost of running such a light (which is programmed to shut off at sunrise) is far below the current cost of lighting outside the town hall.  He is enthusiastic about cutting electrical costs and energy use and spoke of the work his company has done at Monadnock Community Hospital to save $40,000 a day in the cost of electricity.

It was agreed that the committee would not meet until September.  Ann Sweet will ask Tom Scherpa whether he would be willing to talk with the committee about the energy-saving features of the house he and Malinda had built into their house.

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.