Energy Committee Notes for Sept.30, 2013

  Sullivan Energy Committee Meeting
   September 30, 2013

Members present:  Paul Bolduc, Jeff Brooks, JJ Prior, Roger and Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer.

Guest:  Tom Scherpa

After suggesting that those present might look at the summary of the Shaheen-Portman bill in the Senate that would encourage/require steps be taken by the federal government to work on energy conservation, Ann introduced Tom Scherpa.

Tom reviewed the complicated process of choosing a town within 20 minutes of Keene, finding a general contractor who would be sympathetic to the Scherpas’ concerns for sustainability, choosing a heating option, finding ways to enhance passive solar exposure, insulating the house to keep heat in, making sure electrical fixtures would be compatible with LEED light bulbs and more!  He showed pictures of the house under construction, including the placement of 8” thick insulated panels and the construction of the two 400 foot wells for geothermal heating system.  Tom has additional energy-saving projects in mind, including a solar hot water system.

Everyone present had enthusiastic questions.  Bob made one surprising observation:  low E glass windows keep out the sun’s heat, as well as the cold. 

Everyone was delighted when Tom agreed to become a member of the energy committee.

The hour being late, we did not discuss a future meeting, although the committee had been sent, in an email of September 30, a list of unfinished business which needs the committee’s attention.