Meeting of Dec. 28, 2009

December 28, 2009
Sullivan Town Hall

Present were:  Jeff Brooks, Jim Forrest, Karen Haynes, Christa Patterson, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet and Bob Switzer.

Applying for EECBG funding for library energy upgrade
The RFP should be published Jan. 8.  Sullivan should by then have the report of Tobias Marquette recommending energy improvements for the library on which he did an energy audit December 10.  Sullivan must file an intent to bid letter by Jan. 15.  The application for funding will be due Feb. 15.  It is expected that towns will have some guidance for applying before the deadline.  The committee decided to meet Jan. 11 to discuss the report of Tobias Marquette.

Appliance rebate program
The Office of Energy and Planning will offer rebates to residents for replacement of inefficient home heating systems.  A brief notice about this program will be printed in the town newsletter soon to be distributed.  More information will be available in the spring, when the program is launched.

PSNH lighting audit for town buildings
An auditor is supposed to call to set a date for such an audit.  Ann will pursue.

Outdoor lighting pollution mitigation.
JJ Prior could not be at the meeting but will have information in a few days.

Energy recommendations for the selectmen
Tobias Marquette made several suggestions about modifications that could be made in the town hall and in the fire station, including:
Application of caulking to gap underneath baseboard (town hall)
Sealing and insulating all ductwork (town hall basement)
Tear off all drywall in basement and insulate walls (town hall)
Replacing two oil burners with one high efficiency propane boiler to feed baseboard heaters in the office and fan coils at the ceilings in the bays (fire station)
Insulate block walls on inside; face with foil (fire station)
Connect air duct to furnace so doors c an be closed between office area and bays (fire station).
Committee will review recommendations, including the possibility of accumulating funds through a capital improvement plan to be passed at Town Meeting.

Next meeting:  Monday, Jan. 11, 7 p.m., town hall basement

Notes by Ann Sweet