Meeting of Jan. 11, 2010

January 11, 2010
Sullivan Town Hall

Present were:  Paul Bolduc, Jeff Brooks, Karen Haynes, Christa Patterson, Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet and Bob Switzer.  Dana Briggs joined the meeting.

At 7 p.m., the committee met in the town hall basement to review the report of the energy auditor, Tobias Marquette, who arrived shortly.  In response to questions, he declared that the retrofitting could be done in stages.  He emphasized the importance of fixing the building envelope problems first and stressed the need for a third party inspector to ensure compliance as the renovations proceed.  He thinks the library windows need not be replaced, if their historic importance is valued, but that new storm windows should be purchased.

Meeting with the Sullivan Selectmen

At 7:30, the committee moved upstairs to join the regular meeting of the Sullivan Selectmen.  Tobias Marquette reviewed the report and its recommendations.  Super insulating (including insulating the slab, the walls, and the ceiling) the library building could provide energy costs savings of almost 50%.  Doing the most obvious insulating could save 20%.  He pointed out that investing in the building envelope is a long-term investment that will continue to pay over the life of the building, unlike a new furnace which does not deal with the building envelope issues and must be replaced in 20 or 30 years.  He noted that energy costs will undoubtedly rise, so investing in the building envelope will save even more than the current estimates based on current energy costs.

Tobias was asked whether it would make sense to complete audits of the other buildings before applying for the grant in order to improve efficiencies in all the buildings.  It was suggested that the conservation commission might fund another audit, and it was agreed that the commission would be asked at its regular meeting the next evening.  Tobias’ second choice for an audit is the fire station.  The cinder block walls leak heat and the furnaces need replacement.  If heated with oil, the highway building would be more of a concern.  The road agent pointed out that a future road agent might not want to cut  the16 cords of found wood a year that cut down the use of propane and save money.  The possibility of replacing the wood furnace with an external wood burner should be investigated.

It was agreed to meet with the library trustees to determine their comfort with possible treatments to the building walls.

Tobias emphasized the importance of getting reasonable estimates for whatever projects are decided upon.  Estimates should be done by certified experts. He reiterated his advice to focus on efficiency improvements rather than equipment purchases.

The workshop scheduled at Antioch at 6:30 p.m. on January 19 should answer many questions about applying for the funding coming through OEP, giving the criteria by which the applications will be judged.  Tobias said that size of the applicant community does not matter.  The selected communities will be evenly distributed over all parts of the state and all political entities.

The selectmen expressed their support for the grant application due Feb. 15 and will sign the application before that time.

This summary of the energy committee meeting was put together by Ann Sweet using the indispensable notes provided by Paul Bolduc.