Minutes of June 24, 2009

The meeting began at 7:20 p.m. in the town hall.  Present were Jeff Brooks, Karen Haynes,  Ann Sweet, Roger Sweet, and Bob Switzer.

First statewide conference of local energy committees:  June 20
Jeff, Ann, Roger and Bob had attended the conference, which they found impressive for the large numbers of attended, mostly representatives of local energy committees.  Each participant had received a disc with the second part of the handbook for energy committees written on it.

Analysis of 2008 data
The committee looks forward to the analysis of the 2008 data.  Looking more carefully at the analysis of the 2005 data, members wondered why propane cost more for the library than for the town hall and decided to ask Sarah Harpster to explain.

The committee reviewed the declaration of the US Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, that “Energy efficiency alone could garner enormous savings….Using current technology, buildings could be made 80 percent more efficient….Since heating, cooling, and powering buildings account for roughly 40 percent of our energy consumption, those savings alone could be considerable.”

Next steps

  1. Outreach
    A piece will appear in the July newsletter describing energy committee deliberations and activities.  A TIP, arranged by Christa, will also be there.
    An information table will be set up in the library in September, thanks to Christa’s arrangements.
  2. Walk through:  Sullivan Library at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 2
    The next step recommended in the handbook for local energy committees is a walk through municipal buildings.  It was decided to spend an hour or so in each of Sullivan’s four town buildings.  The first will be the library.  The committee will use the guidelines for a walk through provided in the handbook, and it will take along a Kill-a-Watt to measure electricity consumption of particular machines.  Jeff will provide a matrix to be used to fill in the answers to questions raised by the walk through.  The committee will meet afterward to assess the process and discuss the date for the next walk through, presumably the town hall and police station.
  3. Funding for a formal audit of energy usage
     The committee agreed to ask Sarah Harpster to join us for the July 2 meeting to  talk about funding options.

Question:  Are there standards for lighting, insulation, etc. that apply to local communities?

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

Ann Sweet, note taker