Game of Village - Miniature Fair - July 21

This summer a small group of children and their chaperones are building a miniature village just up the hill from Nelson Village. On July 21st 10-noon, the homesteaders of that village invite their families, friends, and anyone interested to come see what they have created and to experience the miniature fair they will have prepared! Please come! Go up Lead Mine Road from Nelson Common, right at the fork, the Game of Village will be the first place on the right. Bring some cash which you will exchange for local currency to spend at the fair. You will be invited to create your own miniature person or 'peep' with provided supplies then you will escort them around the grounds. There might be miniature refreshments, miniature crafts to buy, and/or miniature rides to thrill your peep...sometimes there is even a miniature theatre with live shows. This happens only once a year, so put it on your calendars, and we'll see you at the fair!

Margaret Iselin