June 15, 2011 - ANTIS VARIANCE

P.O. Box 110, Sullivan, New Hampshire 03445
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Town of Sullivan
Zoning Board of Adjustment
PO Box 110
452 Centre St.
Sullivan, NH 03445

June 15, 2011

Mr. Bruce M. Antis

C/o Bruce R. Antis

283 Reservoir Road

Deering, NH 03244

Dear Mr. Antis

We are writing to inform you that the Sullivan Zoning Board of Adjustment
held a hearing on the 17th of June 2011 concerning the Antis Variance.

The board reviewed the circumstances which happened prior to the May 17th
meeting and voted to rescind its decision to deny the variance due to lack
of evidence. A copy of the minutes is enclosed for you to review.

Copies of this letter will be sent to attorney Silas Little and attorney Beth


Mary Hull, Clerk

Zoning Board of Adjustment