Minutes of August 23, 2013

Town of Sullivan
Zoning Board of Adjustment Committee

Re:  Bruce Antis Variance
Meeting minutes of August 23, 2013

ZBA Members present:
Roger Sweet, stand in chair
Laura Lewandowski
Bob Switzer
Ron Hull
Absent: Rick Hotchkiss

Steve Hamilton, Ann Sweet, Scott Alexander, unknown with Mr. Alexander and Stephen Parker

Meeting was called to order by acting Chair, Roger Sweet at 7:00 PM.

Mr Sweet started the meeting with introductions of the board and he then read a note from Silas Little, Bruce Antis’s lawyer where as Mr. Antis confirmed that the meeting shoulb be continued without prejudice.  He will send the secretary the mailing lists with the added abutters.  He also requested a five member board since Mr. Hotchkiss has been recused from the board as he is an abutter to Mr. Antis.

He also stated that September the 26th would be a good date for him to hold the next meeting.

The board then discussed an alternate member for the board.  Motion was made by Bob Switzer to add an alternate member.  Ron Hull seconded the motion.  Motion was passed with a voice vote.

The board then asked for an alternate and Stephen Parker volunteered for the position.  Motion made and seconded to accept Stephen Parker as an alternate.  Passed with a voice vote.  Mary Hull, secretary will prepare the appointment for the Selectmen to approve and sign, so Mr. Parker then be sworn in.

Mr. Sweet stated that he had met with the Town’s lawyer, Gary Kinyon, to discuss the legalities on Mr. Antis’s Variance.  He then passed out some important literature for the board members to study.  The Town Ordinance, Erection of Buildings on Streets appeal, and the Standards for a Variance.  

Then a motion was made from Bob Switzer to continue the Bruce Antis Variance without prejudice until September the 26th, at 7:00PM at the Sullivan Town Hall.  Motion seconded by Laura Lewandowski, vote was passed unanimously by voice vote.

Mary Hull stated that she will notify both Mr. Silas Little and Gary Kinyon of the Board’s decision.

Then the discussion came about of the possibility of meeting with the Town Attorney before the actual variance meeting to discuss the legalities of the committee’s responsibilities in making a decision regarding the variance.  The board unanimously agreed to meet with Mr. Kinyon on September 19th at 7:00 pm at the Sullivan Town Hall.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting and was passed with a voice vote.

Meeting adjourned at 7:14 PM.

Mr. Sweet asked the public for any questions or opinions.

Mr. Hamilton who is chair of the Planning Board, if he could attend the meeting with the lawyer on the 19th for learning purposes only?   Ann Sweet was also interested in attending.

Unless the lawyer has a problem with this it was agreed they are welcome to sit in.

Respectively Submitted by:

Mary Hull, Secretary